Sunday, January 19, 2014

Drew's First Mission Trip

Dear Friends and Family,

Many of you may or may not know that the church I have been attending here in Wake Forest, NC is Richland Creek Community Church. One of the things that drew me to the church is their heart for missions. I believe God is calling me to the mission field in Ukraine this summer to help lead and assist on several construction projects.  This will be my first mission trip and it will be to serve the people that God puts in my path in Ukraine. The previous teams that went before me have assisted in completing a new Church building in the town of Kiev, Ukraine. For the past few years many people from our church have been lead to go and assist and minister to the Country of Ukraine.

It is a country that was previously a part of the old Soviet Union. After the walls of communism fell back in the early 1990’s, there began a huge influx of all types of mission teams traveling to Ukraine. These teams were comprised of doctors bringing medicines and health care, construction workers to build new church buildings, and most importantly, evangelism teams to bring the word of God. God is richly blessing that region of the Country, and four new churches have been started. Several of them have buildings under construction, or have buildings that are ready to be purchased.

With that being said, I would like to make a couple of requests on behalf of the Ukrainian people. First and most importantly, I would like to ask that each of you and your home church begin to pray for our team and the many other teams that will be traveling to Ukraine this summer. Specifically, pray that those who hear the gospel for the very first time will be open to receive God’s word. Pray that all of the teams would have safe travel, and that all of the families that are left back home would be taken care of. Please pray that God would do a miraculous work in and through those individuals and myself that are going out to fulfill the great commission (Matt 28).

I would like to also ask that you prayerfully consider supporting me on this mission with any contribution that you feel lead to give. Again, I would like to ask each of you to pray for us as we venture into the mission field of Ukraine to share the good news of Jesus Christ. If you choose to financially support me this year, I want to assure you that your gift will go directly towards this mission trip.

If you would like any additional information, I would be glad to speak with you anytime. Please feel free to call me on my cell at 919-357-1830. I want to let you know that your contributions are tax deductible, and you can make the checks out to Richland Creek Community Church and I will make sure that you receive a receipt for your contribution. Along with the check, on a separate sheet of paper, indicate that you want your gift to go towards supporting “Drew Douglass on the Ukraine mission trip”. You can mail your check to:

Richland Creek Community Church
3229 Burlington Mills Rd.
Wake Forest, NC 27587
(919) 556-9292

In closing I want to thank you for supporting the Ukrainian people, the team, and myself. As I mentioned your prayers and financial support are greatly appreciated. I look forward to sharing with you all that God accomplishes through our time in the Ukraine. Thanks again.


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